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The Leading Heart Research Relieving 4 Years Of Endless Pain

There is an advanced treatment for unexplained heart conditions which are hurting your loved ones and mine every day.

Judy Myers heart disease

There is an advanced treatment for unexplained heart conditions which are hurting your loved ones and mine every day.

Because of people like you supporting Australian Heart Research (AHR), the lifesaving research outcome has been made possible. Thank you!

Your support this Christmas will ensure this world-first research will benefit more of our loved ones. Will you please consider helping today?

At the age of 50, Judy Myers was living an active and healthy life, when one day she was struck unexpectedly by heart disease.

I was walking up the hill from the car park to my office one morning when I suddenly felt severe chest pain,” recalled Judy.

From that day on whenever she exerted herself, Judy would suffer from unbearable chest pain.

She felt it stung through her jaw, then it rippled down her arm.

The pain was so excruciating. 

“It was frustrating and scary because I didn’t know what was going on.

I couldn’t do anything without experiencing these horrible chest pains.”

Can you imagine being so painfully restricted?

Heart conditions like Judy’s can strike anyone at any time.

But with you, there is hope! Will you please make a gift to AHR today?

Your support will ensure researchers can provide the best treatments to your loved ones whose lives are impacted by awful heart conditions like these.

You’d want to stop your loved one suffering from daily pain. Sadly, this was the reality for Judy. 

“Going from being so active to being extremely debilitated in everything I did was really hard.

It stopped my partner and I from doing the things we’d normally do together like bushwalking and mountain bike riding… I just couldn’t do it.”

If the pain wasn’t enough, Judy underwent endless tests which all came back with no answers. 4 years of endless pain.

“There’s nothing worse than suffering from something that can’t be explained.”

Fortunately for Judy, everything changed when she was referred to Professor John Beltrame in 2014.

Professor Beltrame diagnosed Judy with a type of Non-obstructive Coronary Artery Disease (NCAD) called Cardiac Syndrome X.

This means there were no blockages in Judy’s arteries causing her pain.

Alarmingly, there is still very little known in the research community about how to diagnose and treat these types of heart disease.

But your kind gift to AHR today will help advance crucial research into prevention and treatment to ensure no one we love suffers.

Fortunately, with support from generous people like you, Professor Beltrame began a pioneering program trial at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide investigating exercise as a therapy. 

Will you please show your support by making a gift today?

You should feel proud as a supporter of AHR as we are funding world-first innovative research which is not happening anywhere else in the world.

The 6 week trial was designed to see if regular exercise would reduce the chest pain episodes people like Judy experienced. 

What happened next was wonderful.

As Judy slowly increased her exercise during the trial, her chest pain episodes eased! 

“Using a treadmill, we worked out that if we gradually increased my heart rate, I had no chest pain!”

Because of kind supporters like you, this trial saved Judy’s life.

“I couldn’t believe it! I noticed no matter what I did, I wasn’t getting any chest pain. I could live a normal life again without the need for medication – it’s amazing!”

With your help today, lifesaving heart research like this can advance further and even better treatments can be developed for our loved ones.

Professor Beltrame is so passionate about making sure more people in our community can benefit from world-class research like this!

Think about the people like Judy that you could help save!

Fast-forward to 2017 and Judy is doing better than ever. She’s living an active life again and it’s rare she suffers from chest pain.

Your generous support of vital medical research has helped give Judy’s life back. Thank you.

Now she’s hopeful that with more advances in research, others like her will have the same amazing outcome!

“Research improves lives – I’m living proof! It’s so important to support the great work that’s being undertaken right here in Australia.”

Please, will you make a gift to AHR today? You will ensure this lifesaving work continues.