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30th January 2023

Committed to supporting heart research

Tony and Janice Hepburn

Running marathons and playing squash were endurance activities that Tony Hepburn, 83 once enjoyed. But around 15 years ago he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF) – one of the most common cardiovascular causes of hospitalisations, outnumbering heart attacks and heart failures. 

“I used to play squash and I have run three marathons,’’ he said. 

“I was running 100 kms a week but in 2007 I was diagnosed with a heart condition. 

Tony was having a coffee with mates when he had a cerebellar stroke – often caused by a blood clot obstructing blood flow to the cerebellum. 

“I lost control of my arms and legs and one of my mates called an ambulance. I was in an ambulance in 10 minutes and treated that the RAH in 30 minutes.’’  

Tony Hepburn and his wife Janice who have a combined family of three children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren, decided 22 years ago to commit to donating to a charity on a long-term basis.  

They have been donating to The Hospital Research Foundation Group  (THRFG) for more than 20 years and began monthly donations to Australian Heart Research six years ago.  

There have been a few health-related incidents for Tony over the years and he is grateful to advancements in medical research, which were not available at the time he and Janice decided to get married. 

“We’ve both had a direct benefit on medical procedures from the donations we have made over the years,’’ he said.  

“So, we can say that our commitment to THRFG has directly affected our lives. 

“When Janice and I married, we felt we had to make a long-term commitment to charities that could demonstrate their productivity in a practical way. 

“It’s come back as a support for both of us.’’ 


Thanks Tony and Janice for your ongoing commitment to help fund heart research that will improve outcomes in AF patients. 

You can join our Beating Hearts Community and give monthly to beat heart disease. 

Simply fill in the enclosed coupon or call (08) 8244 0591 for more information. 


Have you been touched by heart disease? 

We would love to share your story! 

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