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7th September 2022

Giving Day Success to Beat Heart Disease

Cosi Giving Day

An incredible $554,146 was raised through our telethon-style Giving Day on 9 June, thanks to the support of our generous donors!

Staff, volunteers and ambassadors from across The Hospital Research Foundation Group raised the funds for a variety of disease areas, with AHR’s efforts specifically directed to research that will improve understanding of heart conditions.

The money will help maintain an important biobank for the Coronary Artery Database of South Australia (CADOSA), helping clinicians deliver better, individualised treatments and earlier interventions.

This will bring hope for people like Michelle (pictured), who was diagnosed with microvascular angina as a result of the cancer medication she was taking to fight breast cancer.

With exertion, stress and/or the daily demands of life, Michelle’s microvascular vessels can’t dilate, causing chest tightness and breathlessness.

Having moved from the UK to Australia for the hope of a brighter, more active life – the diagnosis was heartbreaking.

“I can’t do some of the things we moved to Australia for. I can’t ride my bike with the boys anymore and go for dog walks. We are a very active family and I’m sad I can’t do that anymore,” Michelle said.

“We need to do better. We need to listen better. If someone’s symptoms don’t fit in a box, then we don’t understand and we dismiss it. It’s not good enough.”

Delivering a more personalised treatment plan for patients like Michelle is exactly what the biobank aims to achieve. Associate Professor Margaret Arstall, Director of Cardiology at the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, is very grateful for donors’ support.

“The research we gather from the biobank will give us new ideas for lifesaving treatments and new ways to approach patient care for those devastated by ongoing heart pain,” A/Prof Arstall said.

“It will enable us to find better and individualised treatments for people suffering heart disease.”

Thank you for your support this Giving Day. We couldn’t have done it without you!