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12th April 2020

Innovative Research Helping Pregnant Women

Dr Emily Aldridge Research Helping Pregnant Women

More than 110 women have had their cardiovascular needs assessed through the Lyell McEwin Hospital’s innovative COFFEE* clinic, thanks to the generous support of our donors!

Clinical Research Officer Dr Emily Aldridge secured a grant in 2018 through Australian Heart Research for her research on breaking the cycle between pregnancy complications and future heart disease.

Women who experience a complication during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing premature heart disease before the age of 55, which is why Dr Aldridge is investigating how to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Over a year later, Dr Aldridge has made inroads into this vital research through the COFFEE clinic.

“Our 12-month follow-up appointments are beginning now, and we hope to show an improvement in health measures over the 12 months that have been assisted by our clinic,” Dr Aldridge said.

“We couldn’t have progressed this important work without the support from Australian Heart Research.”

We look forward to keeping you updated on Dr Aldridge’s life-changing research throughout the year!

*Cardiovascular assessment after Obstetric complications: Follow-up For Education and Evaluation