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10th July 2023

Leaving a legacy

Maree Mufford

A chance invitation from a friend to a morning tea paved the way for Maree Mufford to discover how The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group fights disease and illness.

Maree, 89, has always had an interest in medical research, with many of her family members studying medicine.

Her brother-in-law, the late Dr John Lloyd OAM was involved in haematology research and his daughter (and Maree’s niece), well-known oncologist Dr Carolyn Bampton, has also collaborated with colleagues in cancer research.

Over the years Maree has also experienced the sadness of losing a loved family member and close friends to different cancers.

She said supporting future medical research to help the community is very important to her, so about 15 years ago Maree altered her Will to leave behind a legacy of support to THRF Group.

“I have several friends who had cancer and I know what they went through,” she said.

“My brother-in-law John also lost his fight with bowel and lung cancer, exactly 10 years ago.

“It’s very sad when you love someone who is very dear, to see them go through all that.”

Maree feels proud of her family’s contribution to medicine and happy the tradition will continue.

“I’m also very proud of my great-nephew, Dr Tristan Bampton. He’s a very lovely young man who is studying psychiatry,” said Maree.

Thank you Maree for your thoughtful bequest to The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

You too can leave a lasting legacy to an area of healthcare that matters most to you, like heart disease.

To assist people in preparing their Wills, THRF Group and its charities (like Australian Heart Research) have partnered with online Will-writing platform SafeWill.

To learn more about SafeWill and receive 50% off ($80) your Will! If you wish to consider leaving a gift in your Will for Australian Heart Research,  visit for guidance.

For more information or a confidential conversation about leaving a legacy, you can contact our Supporter Engagement Team on (08) 8244 1100, email:  [email protected], or visit