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12th October 2019

Taking Heart Research Across The Globe

American Heart Association Conference

With your support, Australian Heart Research (AHR) is committed to ensuring our researchers can collaborate with world-class cardiologists around the globe leading to better treatments and improved care for heart disease sooner.

It’s your invaluable support that enabled Dr Sivabaskari (Tharshy) Pasupathy and Clementine Labrosciano from the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research to attend the 2017 American Heart Association (AHA) Conference in California. Now back in the lab, both dedicated researchers are armed with new findings and collaborating with new colleagues from around the globe in the hopes of saving the lives of everyday Australians living with heart disease.

It was a fantastic networking experience for Dr Pasupathy who was able to share her research on chest pain following an unexplained heart attack with leading cardiology researchers.

“My poster drew significant attention from the attendees and I had the privilege of discussing my research with some of the brightest minds of cardiovascular research,” Dr Pasupathy said.

Each day was exciting for Clementine who attended many cardiology discussions, meeting researchers and presenting her Australian-first research investigating variation in early death and readmissions following heart attack hospitalisations in Australia and New Zealand.

“This was my first international conference and it was a great opportunity to discover more about the research being undertaken in the cardiology community. Being able to present my research opened great discussions with researchers around the world,” Clementine said.

By supporting Dr Pasupathy and Clementine to attend this conference you’re helping to advance research and save the lives of people living with heart disease.

“Through the generous donations from AHR, our attendance at this international conference allowed us to form collaborations with leaders in cardiology research and we have brought home this world-class knowledge to implement in our latest research to help improve the lives of patients living with heart disease here in South Australia,” Clementine said.

“At the AHA conference, I had the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest news in cardiology and discuss the results of my own research to colleagues from other countries. Networking amongst the researchers stimulated new collaborations and ideas for my further research in Adelaide,” Dr Pasupathy said

“It was a great experience to learn and share new advances and I look forward to using this knowledge towards my research, hopefully saving the lives of those living with heart disease.”

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