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Sadly, a number of vital heart research and patient care projects miss out on funding every year. By partnering with us, your business can have an incredible impact on our many lifesaving projects and change the lives of people affected by heart disease.

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We are stronger together!

We’re proud to undertake our world-leading heart research and patient care right here in South Australia. But we can only reach our goals with the kind support from our community and corporate partners! By partnering with Australian Heart Research (AHR), your organisation can change the future path for those affected by heart disease. Your support will save lives!


Will you join us?

Not only will you be helping to fund world-leading heart research and patient care, but you will also:

  • Promote your organisation’s generosity as our Partner through our various communication and social media channels
  • Enhance your organisation’s reputation, attractiveness and financial performance through public awareness of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts
  • Build your team culture by giving your staff a greater sense of purpose and pride in their increased community impact
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There are many ways your organisation can join the fight against heart research

Be a Proud Sponsor

Sponsor a specific heart research project or one of our programs that is close to your heart or meaningful to your organisation.

Become a Gift-Matcher

Donate a sum of money to be used for gift-matching during one of our public appeals. Your donation and impact will double as you inspire others to give.

Give In-Kind Support

Sponsor an event or campaign by way of providing prizes, merchandise, discount vouchers, products or services.

Become a Workplace Giver

Set up your payroll so staff can easily and securely make a pre-tax donation every pay period, creating a great culture of giving and helping our world-leading research at the same time!

Hold a Corporate Fundraiser

Bring your team together to fundraise to a cause you’re most connected to. Organise a casual day, Friday drinks or morning tea.

Sponsor an Event

Sponsor or support one of our many events throughout the year.

Use Cause-Related Marketing

Pick a day, week or month that appeals to you and donate a percentage of your sales to the research area of your choice. Demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility to your clients and customers by supporting any of our charities in this easy, engaging and powerful way.


Get your team involved in one of our many volunteer opportunities! Help out at an event or provide admin support to our many services and programs.

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Partner With Us

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